Residential Moves

We do residential moves every day. It’s our business. We can tailor the move and the cost to meet your needs and your budget.

We can pack professionally. We can move (almost) anything of any size. We can let you pack and just do the heavy lifting. We can store your belongings. We can deliver whenever you need it done.

Because we are Movers of Excellence – we’re like having your very own personal moving staff.

Get Started

It’s simple to get started. Just call or email for a quote. Our founder and owner “OJ” Johnson will likely answer the phone! OJ does all the estimating, so you will meet the owner at your home and judge his character and commitment for yourself.

No high-pressure selling. You either want to hire us or you don’t. Simple as that. We are fully licensed and bonded movers committed to our clients. Our prices are very competitive. We simply charge by the hour times the hours needed to do the job. No profit added on. We get paid an honest wage for an honest days work.

Request a Quote Today

We tailor each move to meet your needs — whether you’re moving across the state, out-of-state, or down the street, we are here to help.